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You cannot do better than Patriot Networks!

Dennis Walsh has worked with us over the years, educating us in technology, and protecting us from our naivete when it comes to technology. He monitors our systems, addresses our crisis immediately, and remains calm and patient throughout. We have remained ahead of the HIPAA requirements due to his forethought and coverage of rising concerns. Dennis allows us to do what we do best - treat patients. He has created an IT system that provides us with rapid and accurate access and email claims submissions. He monitors our computers, so he knows if there is a concern prior to our getting to the office. When we integrate new software, he works with other companies to make things work as best as possible. And he does all this with patience. There are a lot of IT companies out there, but there are few that show the personal concerns shown by Patriot Networks. The needs of the company and the individuals are always the primary concern - whether he is working or on vacation!!

Dr. Susan Fiorillo, DDS
Fiorillo Dentistry

Dennis is a hard-working, knowledgeable and dedicated IT person!

My experience with Patriot Networks over 20 years has been completely positive. They have "helped us out of a jam" NUMEROUS times in the past with immediate response and action. Although we are a periodontal office, we rely completely on our computers and software. Dennis has been AMAZING in response to issues that arise and gone the extra mile, often to keep our practice up and running smoothly. His knowledge of the dental industry, software updates and constantly changing and updating machinery has been invaluable. Call me for a reference anytime. I highly recommend Patriot Networks!

Dr. Martin Nager, DMD
Ross, Nager, and Pierce

First class service.

A level of comfort that would not be possible without a company such as Patriot Networks. We always felt that we had the latest in security and they were always on top of things. Whenever we called, they were there. Whenever we needed an upgrade it was seamless. We paid one fee and that included everything but the price of new equipment. There was never any nickel and diming in terms of fees. I couldn't have been happier with the value. We never had to worry about computer and system protection from either a software/cloud or a hardware perspective. I would highly recommend Patriot Networks! Service is first class! If you need a company to handle you computing needs - give em a call.

Dr. David Matson, DMD
Millbury Family Dentistry

Top notch service!

Dennis and his team are available when needed. If my server shuts down for any reason they are calling to see why. It is a great piece of mind to know they are always monitoring for issues.

Having lost 2 hard drives twice on my Dell server, had I not had the help of Dennis I do not know where we would be today.

He was here no matter what, tirelessly making sure that we were up and running with info restored in the quickest time possible. I have been able to have a piece of mind knowing our information is being backed up effectively and can be restored within hours.

Our practice is on Cape Cod and we are so lucky that Patriot Networks agreed to take us on as clients. If you are going to be a paperless office it is so important that you have a great tech team on your side, giving you time to be good at your job and depending on the best network service available. Couldn't be more happy with the team at Patriot Networks.

Dr. Scott Allegretti, DDS
Provincetown Dental Arts

They are personable and solve all our issues in reasonable time!

I have worked with Patriot Networks for over 15 years in several different dental offices. Dennis at Patriot Networks is very knowledgeable and always on top of everything. They make sure all our systems are working and we feel confident having them as our IT company. If we are having an issue, Dennis is quick to help us out. They have great customer service and they work well with everyone on the team. We are not given a "Ticket Number" like you get from other IT companies - they know us by name! We are confident that our system is protected I would recommend Patriot Networks consistently! Especially in the Dental Office Realm-Patriot Networks are EXPERTS!

Deb Palumbo
Steadfast Family Dental

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